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The Hunt Museum: Programme for people living with early onset dementia and their family/carers

Date posted: 18 January 2020

The Hunt Museum in Limerick offers a programme for people living with early onset dementia and their family/carers. The whole idea is to spark reminiscences and conversation. A responsive and welcoming space is provided for people with dementia to participate in facilitated discussions and become active participants in the life of the museum.

Come and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in the Hunt Café. Then look at some of the objects in the Hunt Collection and other objects from times gone by.

The programme runs at the Hunt Museum on the following dates in 2020:

Dates  Theme Art & Craft Activity
Wed 26 Feb 11am-12pm Paintings in the Hunt Collection Create a Picture using Clay as a canvas (stones, shells, twigs, etc.)
Wed 25 Mar 11am-12pm Movies (Temporary Exhibition of costumes worn in well-known films will be on) Make a period costume card/ Pop Culture in the 1940’s
Wed 29 Apr 11am-12pm Some Religious Objects in the Hunt Collection Collage from cut out images from the Hunt Collection
Wed 27 May 11am-12pm 800 Years of Fashion (Costumes from different periods of time) Make a Fabric Flower
Wed 24 Jun 11am-12pm Objects that were used for eating and drinking in the Hunt Collection Story of the Willow Pattern and Mindful Colouring Exercise
Wed 29 Jul 11am-12pm Pair Objects in the Hunt Collection from Europe and paintings in the exhibition Euro Expo Holidays

If you would like to come along, or if you would like to bring a group, please book in advance. Contact Joni 061-490083 or e-mail joni@huntmuseum.com


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