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Culture and the arts in mental health innovation: Young people want and need more than ‘traditional’ ‘treatments’
by Dr. Katherine Taylor

Dr. Katherine Taylor, a clinical psychologist, advocates for arts-led interventions within child and adolescent mental health as an empowering, safe and cost-effective approach in fostering positive and sustainable change in a young person’s recovery journey.

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Image shown: Dr. Katherine Taylor, Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, Somerset House.

Social Prescribing: A Collaborative Approach to Health and Wellbeing
by Cecily Maher

People experiencing loneliness and social isolation often seek out their GP for a medical solution to the deep sense of loss and disconnection they feel. Cecily Maher discusses the growing role of Social Prescribing within healthcare provision, which connects individuals to non-medical sources of support within their local community.

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Image shown: Cecily Maher

Aesthetics and Design in Hospital Interiors
by Klaus Unger

Klaus Unger, a retired architect, has been a frequent patient in hospital over the last six years. He argues that a patient-centred approach to hospital design is essential to improving wellbeing outcomes.

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Image shown: Klaus Unger

by Meaghan Delahunt

Novelist and short story writer Meaghan Delahunt reflects on her work at the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice in Glasgow. She highlights the importance of creative writing in palliative care and how it's never too late for any of us to explore our full potential.

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Image shown: Meaghan Delahunt

Spectacular Body
by Professor Anna Furse

Professor Anna Furse, theatre maker and practising academic, reflects on the personal circumstances that have led to a series of projects interrogating the ‘medical gaze’ and how the body, particularly the woman’s body, becomes spectacular through this gaze.

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Image shown: 'Anna Furse Performs an Anatomy Act: a show and tell.' Photo credit: Nina Klaff.


This section presents opinion on aspects of arts and health practice from a range of perspectives including health service users, artists, healthcare professionals and researchers. It aims to tease out the often contradictory complexities of arts and health work and contextualise these within wider debates. It also includes personal reflections on arts and health. The opinions contained here are the opinions of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of artsandhealth.ie.



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