Image shown: artwork from Clouds as Memories and Other Stories exhibition

Clouds as Memories and Other Stories is an exhibition by Galway University Hospitals Arts Trust artist in residence Clare Henderson and is on display in the hospital from 11 November to 11 December 2011.

Clouds as Memories and Other Stories is an attempt to portray time passing with particular reference to instances in the distant past that are only half remembered. Glimpses of stories, with perhaps only the emotion still lingering and the image long disappeared, like a dream dissipating as one becomes fully awake. The clouds are based around the idea of memories as intangible nebulous things. Often changing, appearing and reappearing on a course of there own. Clare finds inspiration in the sea, the rain, the mist and the fog. Weather remains an infinite wonder to the artist.

Also featured in the exhibition are paintings of different kinds of waves, and other gestures. ‘The wave is a wordless exchange which has always fascinated me, as it is a representation of an invisible thread linking the wave with the recipient. The gestures and colours present in the paintings represent things I was inspired by while spending time in the west of Ireland, from cliff top views of islands and the sea, to the fabulous red spray of the fuchsia flower.’

The paintings and drypoint prints in this exhibition are a direct result of the six months Clare Henderson spent in Merlin Park Hospital, where she worked with residents in Unit 5 and Unit 6. Through this exhibition she is hoping to combine her interest in personal history and how we relate to each other, with her fascination for the more sublime weather systems. The exhibition will also feature artwork by the residents of Merlin Park.

For more information please contact Galway University Hospitals Arts Trust on 091-544970 or e-mail

Exhibition location: Arts Corridor, University Hospital Galway
Phone: 091 544979
Lauch date: 11 November 2011, 6.00pm
The exhibition continues until 11 December 2011


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