Facing It – Imaging Madness is an exhibition on view in the Broadcast Gallery, Dublin until the 10 December 2011. The exhibition is  part of the Mère Folle Project by Mieke Bal and Michelle Williams Gamaker.

The project constitutes an attempt to offer museum and gallery visitors experiences they don’t ordinarily have. In a combination of shock, pleasure, strangeness and beauty, they will make a journey through ‘madness’, rather than sitting in front of the screen, as in the cinema. It is aimed at people interested in video art, unusual narratives, and uncommon audio-visual sensations and mental illness.

This is a project of multiple video installations through which the idea of ‘madness’ is given a variety of interpretations. It is an experiment in audio-visual story-telling.

Distinct from cinema, in the installation the ‘second-person’, the visitor, is in charge of making the stories through their own itinerary and combination of stories, portraits, and scenes on view.

Location: Broadcast Gallery, Dublin Institute of Technology, St Joseph’s Convent, Portland Row, Dublin 1

Phone: 00 353 1 4023559

Email: brian.fay@dit.ie

Exhibition ends: 10 December 2011 16.00


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