London Creativity and Wellbeing Week is a brand new idea hoping to shine a light on all the different ways that the arts help and improve the health of Londoners. 

Creativity and Wellbeing Week will take place from 13 to 20 June 2012, at a range of locations across the Greater London area. From debates and discussions, performances and exhibitions, tours and practical sessions, the week will be a festival of ideas – with loads of opportunities for people to find out about the ways in which the arts and culture impact on health. To be a part of the week, read on to find out how get involved, to make connections, be inspired and be part of shaping the future of arts, creativity and wellbeing.

The week will include a huge range of events providing something for everyone with an interest in the arts, health and wellbeing.

Some events may be focused on particular themes, or aimed at particular target audiences (such as medical students, artists, the press or funders). Some events will be for people working in this area to get together and discuss particular issues. Some events will  be opportunities for people new to this work to learn about the ways in which creativity can affect health. And some events will simply be a chance to experience how the arts can boost your own wellbeing.

Why get involved?

The week will consist of independently managed events and activities, united in branding and benefiting from “strength in numbers”. London Arts and Health Forum (LAHF) will oversee the whole week, promoting it to the press and public and raising the profile for all concerned as well as encouraging networking and new connections.

Whether you organise an event, or attend one (or several), the week will focus attention on this work in a positive way, and give an opportunity to step back, see things differently, and think about what the future could be like (good and bad).

LAHF will organise three major events during the week; two of which will be the opening and closing events of the week in association with leading London arts organisations and will offer help to broker partnerships where we can. 
How to get involved?
Start planning your events now!  We will be launching a dedicated microsite at soon where you will be able to upload details of your events and see what else is going on – this will provide a focal point for all the activity around the week.


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