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Archive for June 2012


Record by Dylan Tighe for Cork Midsummer Festival

Date posted: 19 June 2012

Dylan Tighe, director of the Irish Times Irish Theatre Award 2009 winner for Best Production, launches an ambitious new project entitled Record which explores depression and the concept of mental illness with courage, imagination, subversive humour and radical honesty. The project will be shown as part of the Cork Midsummer Festival.

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The Apple Arts and Wellbeing Café, Clonmel Junction Festival

Date posted: 19 June 2012

Make a note in your diary to attend the Apple Arts and Wellbeing Café between 6 and 15 July as part of the Clonmel Junction Festival. The Café is a 10 day event-space exploring links between creative arts activity, healthy living and attitudes to wellbeing.  The Café is curated by Brigid Teehan and Lyn Mather. It also acts as a showcase for arts and health practitioners, including members from the Tipperary Arts and Health Interest Group (TAHIG).

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An Introduction for Musicians to Drumming in Healthcare Settings

Date posted: 8 June 2012

Kids’ Classics presents a Drumming in Healthcare Workshop for Musicians on Friday, 29 June 2012 from 9.30am-12.30pm in DIT Rathmines. Drumming is one of the most universally accessible forms of music – if you have a heartbeat, you can drum! Because of this, it is ideally suited to work in healthcare settings, as a way of quickly involving participants in meaningful music making. Read More


Fairview Community Nursing Unit Photographic installation

Date posted: 5 June 2012

Image shown: Fairview Community Nursing Unit Photographic installation

Artist Annabel Konig recently finished installing 31 photographic images in a nursing unit in Dublin, Ireland. These images are all of nature, some show animals such as donkeys, dogs, lambs and then there are images of sunsets, park benches in luscious greens or rivers with quiet swans. The aim of the work is to encourage conversation and remembered stories, allowing for conversation between people who spend large amounts of time in the unit. The work also helps the patient’s family who come to visit by sparking a recollection of a story or happy time.

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