Have you been involved in any interesting arts and health projects recently that you wish to showcase to your peers?  artsandhealth.ie welcomes submissions of case studies of high quality arts and health projects. Those wishing to submit a case study must complete a simple template. The word count is less than 1000 words and artsandhealth.ie will provide editing support. The next deadline date for submissions of case studies is Monday, 4th February 2013 at 2pm.

The case studies section of artsandhealth.ie showcases examples of arts and health projects in Ireland. This section provides a bank of well documented projects, of artistic merit, which are delivered by professional artists across a diversity of art forms and contexts. Please see https://www.artsandhealth.ie/case-studies/ for examples of case studies.


The case studies section aims:

  • To establish a record of arts and health practice in Ireland that illustrates the diversity and scope of good practice
  • To provide a resource that supports peer learning among practitioners.

Selection process

Submitted case studies will be selected by a peer review panel. The criteria for inclusion in the case study section are:

  • Projects that demonstrate clear artistic vision, goals and outcomes
  • Projects that illustrate benefits for those involved
  • Projects delivered by professional artists
  • Case studies that demonstrate strong documentation in terms of writing and imagery

We aim to represent the following in the case study section of artsandhealth.ie:

  • A diversity of artforms
  • A diversity of healthcare contexts
  • A diversity of partnerships/ organisational structures
  • A national spread
  • Projects that have taken place since 2005

Those wishing to submit a case study must complete a case study template and return it to info@artsandhealth.ie. The template is used to enable the collection of information in a systematic way. This is to support artsandhealth.ie to showcase and promote the work in a way that is most useful. The content submitted will form the basis of the case study which may be edited by artsandhealth.ie. A minimum of five and maximum of six images with photo credits and captions must be submitted along with the template. The template includes a consent form for images and guidelines for submitting these images. Please click here to download/ view a case study template.

There are two deadline dates for submissions each year. The next deadline date is Monday, 4th February 2013 at 2pm. You will receive notification about your submission at the end of February. For any queries please contact Emma Eager, Acting Project Co-ordinator/ Moderator by e-mailing info@artsandhealth.ie


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