In March 2012, HSE South commissioned an original artwork for the refurbished Emergency Department in Waterford Regional Hospital under the Per Cent for Art scheme. The Waterford Healing Arts Trust oversaw the selection of an artwork by a panel of HSE Emergency Department staff. In August 2012, Peadar Lamb installed his stained glass window Crann Fuinseog into the newly extended and renovated department.

Peadar’s artwork is an abstract expression of an Ash tree located in the grounds of Waterford Regional Hospital. Inspired by nature, this window creates a soothing and healing environment for patients, staff and visitors. The artwork bathes the adjacent area in calm and peaceful coloured light and its prominent position on the external facade of the building allows for the artwork to be viewed by all those that approach the entrance to the department.

Two other artworks by Debbie Chapman and Róisín de Buitléar, financed under the Per Cent for Art scheme, will be installed at Waterford Regional Hospital in 2013.

The Per Cent for Art scheme is a government initiative, first introduced in 1988, whereby 1% of the cost of any publicly funded capital, infrastructural and building development can be allocated to the commissioning of a work of art. Since 1997, this scheme has been made available to all capital projects across all government departments.


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