Seeders, an exhibition of sculpture and tapestry by artists Corina Duyn and Pascale De Coninck, opens at the Old Market House Arts Centre, Dungarvan, on 2 March 2013. The inspiration for Corina Duyn’s latest sculptural work has come in large part from her experiences of living with M.E., portraying her tentative steps to be part of society within the restrictions of illness/disability.  The Seeders exhibition will give the viewer a glimpse into her world.

For Corina Duyn, ‘living life in the slow lane’ as she describes life with M.E., has led her to become a great observer of her immediate natural surroundings. Her latest body of work was initially inspired by Naked Truth, a self-portrait sculpture of a woman seated on a paired-down wheelchair which portrays the rawness/reality of living with a disability. In contrast with her earlier work of birds and flying, which she has described as ‘a flying away from the reality of pain and isolation’, she recently explored the need to be more grounded and rooted. The resulting artworks in Seeders are doing just that: many of the works are created from pieces of root or branches with figures emerging from the bark.

Corina is currently attending the part-time Disability Studies course at UCC, focusing on Disability Arts, which has resulted in her making the experience of the Seeders exhibition inclusive to people of all abilities. During the launch of the exhibition, there will be multi-sensory access including a tactile session for people with visually impairment and the availability of a sign interpreter and loop-system for the talk that follows the launch. Written material is available in Large Format Print (Gallery copy) and the building is wheelchair accessible. (Please ring (058) 41416/48944 for more information.)

Pascale De Coninck’s tapestries are also greatly influenced by the natural world, capturing universal messages through the filter of nature. The artists hope that the art developed from these initial seeds of thoughts will in turn create seeds in the minds of the viewers to explore, see, and feel.

Exhibition dates: 2 March–6 April 2013 [Exhibition launch & talk 2 March from 2.30pm]

Location: The Old Market House Arts Centre, Lower Main Street, Dungarvan,  Co Waterford.

Telephone: 058-48944

To learn more about Corina Duyn’s work, please visit

To lean more about Pascale De Coninck’s work, please visit


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