The Impact Art Fair is the UK’s first national art fair showcasing work exclusively by artists who have experienced mental health issues, disability, ill health or other socially excluding circumstances. The second Impact Art Fair will open in London from the 26-28 July 2013 at Block 336, Brixton. The deadline for entries is 23 April 2013 and submissions are welcome from outside the UK.

Full of talent but lacking access and opportunities, the Impact Art Fair gives artists the chance to sell their work and to be valued by wider society. In 2011, 1000 visitors attended the fair and most artists were able to report at least one sale.

If you are an artist and would like to submit your work for possible selection (including photography), please email or call (+44) 01273 234 780 for submission guidelines. Please note that deadline for images for selection process is 23 April 2013.

If you are an organisation that works with socially excluded artists and you would like to display your artists’ work at a stall at the Impact Art Fair please get in touch – email or call (+44) 01273 234 780.

The Impact Art Fair is run by Creative Future, a UK-based organisation that helps disabled and marginalised artists and writers to engage with mainstream art markets, culture and society through their own talents by providing training and support.


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