Myra Jago is artist in residence for March and April at deAppendix,  a cultural space in the heart of Dublin’s suburbs. Co-located with a GP surgery, deAppendix hosts a changing calendar of contemporary art exhibitions and artists’ talks.

While not a therapeutic project itself, deAppendix lives in symbiosis with the therapeutic space of a GP surgery. Through its artist-in-residence programme, deAppendix challenges how such spaces are activated and, in so doing, questions accepted norms for this genre of space. deAppendix is a project by GP and artist, Ciara McMahon, whose art practice frequently examines the potential for hybridity between the disciplines of Art and Medicine.

The work of Myra Jago, current artist in residence, centres on the human experience. Jago notes we operate halfway between what is tangible and what is felt. In describing this dichotolmy, recent work uses mirroring, where a thing appears apart from itself, and symmetry, where an object is rendered groundless.

Jago states, ‘I’d like to use my time at deAppendix to renegotiate past work and delve into the long list of unrealised ideas lying dormant in my notebooks. So, I expect there will be some experimentation popping up in the the public rooms of deAppendix.’

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