Image shown: Waiting Room

Waiting Room is a one day arts and health event that invites the audience to interact with and interrogate the rhythms, materials, and activities in waiting rooms. It takes place on 13 June 2013 from 12pm-6pm in The Exchange, Exchange Street, Dublin 2.

Waiting Room is a place to wait. In this waiting room we examine what waiting means; we invite you to interrogate with us why, where and with whom we wait and how choices are weighed.

When waiting for healthcare, we use and share space that may or may not been designed to help us to answer the questions and concerns that healthcare brings. This one day participative installation invites you to explore how this experience is constructed and the relationship between waiting and healthcare, between waiting and community, between health, time, and the choices that measure the moments.

Forms, files, background music, and tea provided.

Book in advance or send enquiries to or just drop in on the day. Participation on various levels with the elements of Waiting Room is invited.

Collaboratively produced by Katie Gillum and Siobhán Clancy.



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