Image shown: Clon Drums

Clon Drums will be performing at several festivals and events this summer in West Cork including:  

The Clon Drums project begain in the first half of 2012 when MusicAlive facilitated 10 weeks of participative music workshops at National Learning Network (NLN) Clonakilty incorporating song, rhythm and movement.   At the end of this process a number of group participants performed at the Mad Pride Event in Ballydehob, Co Cork in May 2012.  A second phase of the Clon Drums project began in September 2012 where members of the existing group were joined by new participants from NLN Clonakilty and the wider community. This project is made possible by funding from Genio

The project incorporates the following aims:

  • The formation of a performance based drumming group, with a focus on achieving the highest possible musical standards 
  • Participation of this group in a number of public performances
  • The expression of individual and group creativity through the creation of new musical compositions from the participants 
  • The learning of practical musical and creative skills including listening, concentrating, teamwork, self reflection and looking at one’s own and other people’s experiences from different vantage points 
  • To contribute to the personal and social development of the group participant’s through a team building activity such as a participative based drumming group. 
  • The incorporation of recording technology into each of the weekly sessions, to create recordings that can be used to document group’s activities. Photographs and video will also be taken during the project for documentation and possibly future promotional purposes
  •  Providing an additional source of personal and social support amongst participants, and allowing engagement with the arts and music in an informal musical learning environment 
  • Investigate the potential of the music group acting as a catalyst for other group activities such as the creation of a web site, widening participation out to other communities around West Cork and collaborating with other performance based drumming groups within Ireland and internationally in the future.


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