Face It is an exhibition of abstract portraits by Susanne Wawra influenced by experiences of mental health. The exhibition will take place from 7-9 July 2013 as part of the 10 Days in Dublin Festival in Avenue Road Gallery, Portobello, Dublin 8.

Susanne Wawra is a German visual artist living in Dublin. This is her first art exhibition and is motivated by experiences of mental health and the reflection on mental health stigma in a greater context. The series of artworks commenced during Susanne’s stay in St. Patrick’s University Hospital in 2012. 

Face it shows abstracted portraits of patients in a Dublin mental health institution. The works on canvas and paper reach from ornamental structures and patterns to extensively coloured masks and reflect the struggle of the individual with its identity. The anonymisation of people with mental health difficulties is a comment on stigmatisation and the desire of wanting to remain anonymous in the pressure of normality.

More information on Susanne and other projects can be found here: www.susannewawra.com


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