Image shown: Kathy Herbert House Trees and Other Tales

House Trees and Other Stories is a solo exhibition by Kathy Herbert at deAppendix. This body of work delves into the sometimes fractious relationship between built and natural environments. Herbert has mobilized the medium of performative drawing to unpack these tensions. The work is on view from 19 July to 4 August 2013.

Kathy Herbert’s practice incorporates 2 to 3D work. She says of her drawing practice “Drawing is a straightforward means of capturing an idea and giving it substance. It can be immediate and responsive, it can be meditative, or logical and structured. I work with the idea of “sharing space”, joining man-made and natural imagery to imply equal occupancy of the same space. This work draws on the idea of respect for other living beings animal plant etc, and implies that we are not the only important beings on this planet. I draw from nature, giving every living thing equal value in the hope that it will be reflected in our way of living on Earth.”

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