Falmouth University will  host the Malady and Mortality Conference: Illness, Disease and Death in Literary and Visual Culture on Thursday 19 Sept 2013. The conference is a unique series of talks and lectures bringing together academics and specialists in the exploration of disease and death in literary and visual culture.

The Malady and Mortality Conference at Falmouth University will run over two days from Thursday 19 to Friday 20 September, and will platform submissions on a variety of topics from the History of Medicine to Grief and Mourning.

The conference will explore illness, disease and death in literary and visual culture from creative, critical and practical perspectives and is open to artists, academics, medical practitioners, writers, journalists, medical tramadol technologists, undergraduates and postgraduates. Areas of interest include: The Body in Pain, Memory and Mourning, (e-)Narratives and Patient Testimony, Public Health and Medicine, Health and Environment, Disease, Disability and Subjectivity/Agency, Medical Identities, Illness and Digital Technologies/Patient Networks, Palliative Care, Quality of Life and Euthanasia and Death, Dying and Artes Moriendi.

The three keynote speakers are Professor Tony Walter, Centre for Death & Society, University of Bath, Professor Alan Bleakley, Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, and Dr Michele Aaron, University of Birmingham, who together present a variety of disciplines and expertise.

Professor Tony Walter’s research, teaching and publications focus upon death in modern society – most especially personal bereavement and public mourning, digital social technologies at the end of life, the portrayal of death in the news media, funerals and afterlife belief.

Professor Alan Bleakley has a keen interest in the relationship between the arts and the sciences, most especially medical humanities and medical education theory.

Dr Michele Aaron’s recent research has focused upon death and grief in Western cinema and her forthcoming monograph ‘Death and the Moving Image: Ideology, Iconography and I’ considers cinematic representations of illness, murder and grief in the context of gender, sexuality and race.

Tickets for the conference are still available: full Non-Residential Registration (£130) includes the conference fee, refreshments and buffet lunches on both conference days, and a 3 Course Meal (including glass of wine) at the Greenbank Hotel, Falmouth on Thursday 19 September.

This event has been supported by The Academy of Innovation & Research, Falmouth University.

If you have any queries, please contact Dr Helen Thomas, helen.thomas@falmouth.ac.uk

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