Image shown: An Experiment in Social Embroidery

Following its launch in October by Una McCarthy, the Arts Council’s Head of Festivals and Local Arts, the book An Exercise in Social Embroidery – five years of interactive Arts Cafés and Common Thread Café is now on sale on the Junction Festival website.

The book retraces through images, testimonials and articles, the story of how the cafés came about, the artists and people involved, and some of the outcomes stemming from this five-year long process. With a total of 24 cafés and spanning the period 2009 to 2013, the Cafés Carte Blanche programme was an integral part of the Festival Participation Programme for the past five years, involving a wide range of artists and participants. During that period, the Common Thread Café also emerged and functioned as a link between each year’s cafés programme and between them, the cafés nurtured a varied group of aspiring artists, arts enthusiasts and people in the community, including nearly 40 teenagers.

The book which costs €10 has been compiled and edited by the Junction’s Participation Officer, Theresia Guschlbauer. To purchase a copy, go to the Festival’s website on:


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