Image shown: Buoy by Myra Jago

The National Centre for Arts and Health is delighted to announce a new exhibition entitled This, somewhere else by Myra Jago on display in Hospital Street, Tallaght Hospital from February to July 2014.

Calling attention to a continuous negotiation between how things are and how things might be perceived, Myra Jago’s work centres on how we experience the world. She maintains that our natural predisposition to beauty and symmetry means we take in more than meets the eye. These paintings, drawings and sculptures, made between 2011 and 2013, juxtapose a playful demeanour with weighty undertones, furthering theories of an existence halfway between what is evident and what is felt.

Accordng to the artist, “Although specific notions were in play during the making of these works, it is for you, the viewer to form new relationships and meanings and to take these with you.”

Myra Jago received her MFA in 2011, subsequent to a BA(Hons) from The National College of Art and Design, Dublin. A selected emerging artist for both Manifest and ArtNow (The Dublin Contemporary 2011 Circle Programme), her work has been shown extensively throughout Ireland and abroad, and appears in many collections as listed below.

For further information on the artist, commission requests or to purchase a work, please contact the artist directly at or +353 (0) 872323561.

The National Centre for Arts and Health exists to improve patient care and to promote the benefits of the arts in health. Situated in Tallaght Hospital, the centre aims to improve the hospital experience for patients, to explore the therapeutic potential of the arts, to build positive links with the local community and to make the arts accessible to patients who cannot access traditional arts venues. For more information on the arts programme or the artists featured here, contact Hilary Moss on 01 414 2076  or


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