Image shown: Illustration of Hagaplan

Stockholm City Council, Art Department is looking for artists to be part of an exchange of ideas between artists and researchers in life science. The exchange is part of a larger urban development project in Stockholm. Life science is an emerging area of research where different disciplines in medicine, engineering and biology interact. We are looking for artists who have an open, curious attitude to life science and the ability to incorporate influences from the exchange in their artistic work. The application deadline is Monday, 19 May 2014.

The exchange period runs from November 2014 to May 2015. The assignment may be extended with a sketch assignment for an art commission for the entrance plaza at Nya Karolinska Solna. The artwork will be inaugurated in October 2017.

Urban development in Stockholm is facing significant changes. The emergence of Hagastaden is giving Stockholm a new look more high buildings and a greater density of built-up areas. The Nya Karolinska Solna hospital will be a hub in the area that is being developed into a centre for research in life science.

One percent of the costs of the construction project is being dedicated for art. Stockholm County Council, Public Art Agency Sweden and Stockholm Art are working together to create a coherent art expression in Hagastaden. In order to provide a critical approach and a reflective viewpoint to the urban development project in which the art forms an integral part, the artistic partners have designed a project for the exchange of thoughts and ideas between artists and researchers. It is hoped that the project will be a catalyst for public art assignments in the area.

Stockholm County Council offers two positions for the artists in residence project which includes a total of six artists and approximately six teams of researchers. The researchers work in the scientific field of life science and are linked to Stockholm University, the Royal Institute of Technology and Karolinska Institute.

Description of the exchange
Six artists will be included in an exchange of ideas with researchers in life science. The artists themselves choose a team of researchers and in collaboration with them follow the ongoing research. In the same way, the researchers will take part in the artists’ work and processes.

The exchange will continue for seven months. The artists are expected to reside in Stockholm for parts of that period. Four meetings involving all the participants are scheduled. The other occasions will be scheduled by the artists themselves in dialogue with the researchers.

During the residence period, the artists will have access to studios in the area. Artists coming from a long distance will receive assistance with travel and accommodation costs. The assignment will end with a final presentation, made individually or in groups, which will be part of an exhibition.

The period may be extended with a sketch assignment for an art commission for the entrance plaza at New Karolinska Solna.

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