Arts for Health Cornwall is hosting a training programme from September to December 2014 on designing and delivering your own arts and health projects . The training programme is delivered over  six afternoons and participants are welcome to come along to all of the sessions – or pick and choose individual courses.

Introduction to Arts and Health – Wednesday 10 September
An introduction to and overview of the diverse field of arts and health. We will explore why and how the arts can be so beneficial to a range of health and wellbeing issues, examine the evidence base, look at case studies and projects from around the country, and consider the future possibilities and challenges. Please note this training does not focus on Arts for Health Cornwall as a charity – it is about the wider field of arts and health.

Designing Your Project – Tuesday 30 September
A practical session aimed at helping you develop your project ideas – focussed on outcomes, target groups, the evidence base, time scales and accessibility, planning your activities, including volunteers, choosing a location and creating a budget.

Delivering Creative Projects for Mental Health and Wellbeing –Thursday 23 October
As well as exploring the benefits of creativity for mental wellbeing, this session includes mental health awareness, advice on facilitating successful sessions, being aware of safeguarding issues and considering boundaries for practitioners, participants and volunteers.

Putting in a Successful Funding Bid – Wednesday 12 November
Learn how to select the right funders for your project, structure your funding bid and become more confident and skilled in writing your bid to make you and your project stand out.

Delivering Creative Projects for Older People – Tuesday 25 November
This session explores the benefits of creativity for older people in the community, in care settings, and those living with dementia. You will learn how to tailor your practice so it is accessible and engaging, find out more about safeguarding issues, get advice about working in care settings and have a brief introduction to dementia awareness.

Documenting, Reporting and Evaluating – Thursday 11 December
This session focuses on the importance of documenting, reporting and evaluating your project – why should you do it, how do you do it, and who should you share it with. An essential session for anyone considering running their own project.

£12.50 per session including refreshments and training materials.

1.00pm to 5.00pm at the Arts for Health Cornwall offices, Jubilee Wharf, Penryn.

Booking is essential; only 8 places are available for each session. Please book training using the following link:



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