Stockholm County Council invites professional artists to apply for a sketch assignment for a public art commission at the upper part of the façade of Building 74 in the New Technology, Quarter, to be built in the hospital area at Södersjukhuset.

Södersjukhuset will be modernised and expanded to cope with the growing and aging population of Stockholm. A new treatment building with a larger A&E department and new operating theatres, a new medical building and a new technology building will equip Södersjukhuset for the future. Construction of the new buildings is planned for the first quarter of 2015.

The following departments are planned in the new buildings to facilitate more efficient care that focuses on people: An A&E department for adult, a surgery unit, clinics and treatment rooms, an ambulance park, a radiography unit, an emergency room, nursing wards, a sterile services unit, administration and changing rooms.

Creating a modern and practical technology quarter is a part of building the future Södersjukhuset.  It will supply the hospital with emergency power, operational space, space for staff, among other resources. The new building, with an area of 11,000 square metres, will feature more pleasant architecture details than the current technology building. It will become a focal point from the new treatment building and the adjacent residential neighbourhoods, and will form part of the Södermalm cityscape. The building will house the following parts: An emergency power plant to cover the hospital’s current and future vital needs for electricity; a control room for the emergency power plant, and technical building system: workshops for those working on technical maintenance at Södersjukhuset; a loading dock and freight reception, with culvert system to the new treatment building and medical building; Waste disposal; and Reception. The Technology Quarter is scheduled for completion by the second quarter of 2017.

Description of the art commission
This sketch assignment relates to the Technology Quarter, Building 74, where an artistic design will be commissioned for the upper part of the building façade. The concrete-clad façade will be an important visual element in the hospitals immediate environment and will also be visible from afar, including from Årstabron. The total area for the artwork is: short sides, approximately 20 metres; long sides, approximately 40 metres; height, approximately 15 metres; a total of about 1 800 square meters. These surfaces also include louvers, approximately 300 square meters, and two doors.

In principle, all four sides of the façade can be included in the work. Alternatively one side could be given greater visual prominence, however it is important that the artistic design takes consideration of the entirety. The assignment includes suggesting a suitable way of using all or a selection of the prefabricated cast concrete elements that form the basis for the surface of the façade. It is possible to add other types of materials as well as lights/lighting, etc. The designed façade should preferably be visible both by day and at night.

The intention is that the artwork will be integrated with the architecture of the building and it will therefore require a building permit.

Specification of requirements
The artistic design should be characterised by strong artistic values, should be permanent, with complex content, and should contribute to a visually attractive environment that lends itself to thought and gives the site character. The artistic design forms a part of an architectural whole, and requires cooperation with project managers from the Stockholm County Council, art consultants, project management from the County Council’s property company Locum, architects, lighting consultants and others.

You will find basic information concerning the announcement on our website under Konst i landstinget [Art at the County Council] and Utlysta konstnärliga uppdrag [Artistic commissions announced].

Sketch assignment: 50,000 SEK excluding VAT. 

The cost range for the performance of the public art commission, including the sketch assignment, is calculated at 3,050,000 SEK excluding VAT. Everything connected with the execution of the artwork and costs associated with completion, such as the artist’s own project planning time, material costs, mounting arrangements, subcontractors, travel, transport, insurance, the artist’s own fees for executing the work and artistic fees, must fit within that range. An environmental check-list and maintenance instructions are also included in the artist’s obligations. Advice for maintenance and arrangements for maintenance must also be indicated in the budget. The basic cost of the white matrix cast precast concrete panels is paid by the construction project.

Time schedule

• 3 August 2014, 24.00 hours –deadline for submitting applications.
• 22 August 2014, decision on which artists are to be invited to carry out sketch assignments
• 1 September 2014 planned kick-off meeting for the assignment
• Week 41 2014, planned sketch reconciliations
• 3 November 2014, submission of sketch proposals.
• 7 November 2014, decision on a design commission
• 1 February 2015, further processing of the sketch completed
• Production of artistic work according to the timetable for the project
• assembly/installation of artwork will be coordinated with the construction project.

Who can apply?
In order to produce an artistic design for the County Council Cultural Administration:

  • you must be a professional artist
  •  when an assignment is awarded, you must be registered for Swedish Company Tax (F-skatt) relating to an entry in a register of companies or a commercial register or similar. When an assignment is awarded, a copy of a certificate from a relevant authority must be submitted on request.

In addition, we require

  • the artistic design must relate to the special characters of the operation
  • you should be able to provide solutions for the operation and maintenance of the art work and ensure that a sufficiently high level of durability is achieved.
  • that environmental issues will be taken into consideration in the selection of materials and production methods

How to apply?
Fill in the expression of interest form.

Notification of award of sketch assignment
The decision on which artist will be invited will be made by the manager of the art unit, delegated by the Cultural Committee, and will be published on the Cultural Department’s website after 22 August 2014. Artists invited to carry out the sketch assignment will be notified by phone.

Questions concerning expression of interest or the project should be sent in writing via e-mail to, and should be received no later than 1 July 2014 to allow for replies before the deadline for expressions of interest.

Commissioning Agency
Stockholm County Council is the commissioning agency and will be party to the agreements with the artists. The Stockholm County Council Cultural Committee manages art-related projects, which includes application processing and selection.


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