Image shown: Shadow Traders by Brett and McHarg

What happens when two artists explore the forsaken? Shadow Traders is an exhibition of ambitious new artwork produced collaboratively by Marie Brett and John McHarg exploring wondrous accounts of uneasy experience resonating in place and objects, particularly dis-owned and forgotten private collections. The exhibition is on view at Triskel Christchurch, Cork from Wednesday 6 August – Sunday 31 August. It will open on 6 August at 4pm. The artist and artist/art therapist collaboration Brett/McHarg, has seen ambitious and unconventional approaches to producing artwork, often exploring ideas of relational aesthetics, resulting in gallery and off-site exhibitions, participatory events and critical writings published in Ireland and Finland.

The work calls on a pull of the unusual and extraordinary that is part of our everyday
An alchemical process
References seventeen century Wunderkammer
Part-apothecary’s chamber
Part science lab
It draws on natural, manmade and artificial worlds
Allowing for ephemeral gesture
And instances of chance
The work is intertwined with atavistic myth
specimen jars | mineral maps | odd phenomenon | photography | sound | smell
bias | abandonment | ownership | sensitivity | curiosity

The work builds on 2 years research with curatorial support by Katherine Atkinson.

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