Menu of Poems, will be distributed on hospital wards, in waiting rooms, Community and Day Care Centres and other health settings for patients, visitors and staff to enjoy this Thursday 2 and Friday 3 October.  This Menu of Poems, specially selected for adults and their families in community and healthcare contexts, is available to anyone working in a healthcare facility to download, self-print and distribute in their own locations and has been designed as an A4 menu.

The project has grown since its inception and this year’s offering, Taking Flight, has been edited by the Kildare based poet Kate Dempsey with support from a local steering group with supports from the Kildare Arts and Wellbeing Specialist and Naas General Hospital Arts Committee. We hope this anthology allows your imagination to take flight on the backs of winged creatures and feast on the words of our contemporary poets. So read; read alone and together, share; these poems and your own favorites and most of all enjoy.

Menu of Poems is a joint initiative between Waterford Healing Arts Trust, Galway University Hospitals Arts Trust, Naas General Hospital Arts Committee, Arts in Health at Cork University Hospital, St. Lukes General Hospital Kilkenny, Wexford General Hospital and the Kildare Arts and Wellbeing Specialist.

On All Ireland Poetry Day in 2013, the project reached approximately 3,200 patients, staff and visitors and we invite those working in healthcare environments to print copies for meal trays, staff canteens, atrium’s and receptions – you may even organise your own poetry reading event of these and other well-loved poems. Most of all, we hope you enjoy the poems selected!

To download a copy click here.

Menu of Poems is a project of Arts and Health Coordinators Ireland and is kindly supported in 2014 by The Arts Council, Kildare County Council Arts Office and Arts + Health Coordinators of Ireland.


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