Image shown: Dominic Thorpe performance

Another Expanse is a solo exhibition by Dominic Thorpe curated by WHAT (the Waterford Healing Arts Trust) which will run in Waterford Central Library from 29 September until 16 October in conjunction with the second Well Festival of Arts and Wellbeing. This exhibition presents work which explores some of the difficulties faced by those making life-changing decisions on behalf of a family member with serious mental health illness.

The work is based on a series of conversations between the artist and people who have a loved one with a serious mental health illness which took place in 2013 as part of a project commissioned by WHAT. The first stage of this project took the form of a performance artwork in Garter Lane Arts Centre as part of last year’s Well Festival of Arts and Wellbeing. In it Dominic interacted with everyday objects and gestures revealing some of the complexities around personal relationships and coping mechanisms.

This exhibition comprises drawings and photographs which came from that performance.

Dominic Thorpe is an Irish artist who works mainly in performance and sometimes in video, photography, drawing and installation. His work focuses on issues of social significance, often related to trauma and injustice. He often collaborates with people who have direct experience of the subjects he deals with. He has shown work widely around Ireland and internationally, including in Norway, China, Italy, Sweden, France, Finland and the UK.

On Thursday 9 October at 2pm in Waterford Central Library, Dominic will give a public talk drawing on examples of his own art practice. He will address some of the challenges and questions of responsibility that arise for artists when making artwork that is informed by the difficult or traumatic life experiences of other people. Admission is free and all are welcome.

For further information please contact Mary Grehan on 051-842664 or email


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