Garter Lane Arts Centre presents The Art of Recollection, an exhibition in the FOH space of drawings and paintings by eight ladies from Abbeylands Nursing Home and a group of 2nd year students from Waterpark Secondary School. Participants from Abbeylands Nursing Home, were invited to view Polish artist Wilhelm Sasnal’s exhibition, Take Me To The Other Side in Lismore Castle Arts, Waterford, an exhibition of painting, drawing and film work which explored the influence on Sasnal of the fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen. After viewing the exhibition, participants from Abbeylands Nursing Home undertook a day long workshop in Lismore Castle Arts where they created works from their past memories based on what inspired them from viewing the exhibition.

The works created by this group were later shown to the pupils of Waterpark Secondary School and it was explained to them who these works were created by and what exhibition inspired the process. The students of Waterpark Secondary School then themselves created works from their past memories based on what inspired them from viewing the work of the residents from Abbeylands Nursing home, never seeing the Sasnal exhibition themselves. The visual narrative that runs through the exhibition is a personal and particular memory of each artist triggered by viewing someone else’s artwork and being inspired by this.

The curator of this show Sandra Kelly would like to acknowledge the support of Waterford City Council, Garter Lane Arts Centre and Lismore Castle Arts in making this exhibition possible. Also without the residents of Abbeylands Nursing Home, and the 2nd year students of Waterpark Secondary School and their teacher Brid Kenneally, who all kindly agreed to be involved with this exhibition and generously donated their time, this exhibition would not have been possible.

The Art of Recollection is open daily Tue- Sat, 11am- 5.30pm and runs until Weds 11 Nov in the FOH Space in Garter Lane Arts Centre. For more info see


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