Image shown: General Practice by Fionn McCann

General Practice by Fionn McCann is an exhibition selected from The Trinity College Dublin Art Collection on view in Tallaght Hospital from 29 October 2014 – 22 April 2015. The General Practice exhibition portrays Ireland at a moment in time. It captures the ordinariness and the extraordinariness of patients telling doctors about intimate things, which is done 50,000 times a day in Ireland. The aim of the exhibition is to illustrate the day-to-day work of general practitioners in a variety of communities around Ireland. On seeing the photographs, all the doctors who took part expressed a sense of privilege in doing the job that they do and love and in having the trust of people, who are ill or who believe themselves to be ill.

The exhibition was the inspiration of Professor Tom O’Dowd who commissioned Fionn McCann to create this photographic work in celebration of the Tercentenary of the School of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin in 2012. The inaugural show took place in the Gallery of Photography, Temple Bar. The exhibition is on loan from Trinity College and the National Centre for Arts and Health is delighted to show this work in Hospital Street, Tallaght Hospital.

The National Centre for Arts and Health exists to improve patient care and to promote the benefits of the arts in health. Situated in Tallaght Hospital, the centre aims to improve the hospital experience for patients, to explore the therapeutic potential of the arts, to build positive links with the local community and to make the arts accessible to patients who cannot access traditional arts venues. For more information on the arts programme contact Hilary Moss, National Centre for Arts and Health, Tallaght Hospital on 01 414 2076  or by emailing


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