Image shown: How to see clearly from a distance

Galway University Hospitals Arts Trust has commissioned an art work especially for patients within the Saolta University Health Care Group as part of Tulca Festival of Visual Arts 2014. How to See Clearly from a Distance by artist Jennie Guy is available to listen to on Sound Cloud for the duration of the Festival.

For Neutral, TULCA Festival of Visual Art 2014, Irish curator and artist, Jennie Guy invited a selection of people to record sounds, stories and texts that they wrote themselves or to record work by other writers or artists that they liked. These audio pieces can be listened to online. Patients are invited to listen in by simply entering on their mobile devises. There they will hear a fascinating, sometimes dark, sometimes funny, selection of short stories and other things….things from other times and other places! Contributing artists and writers include: Hu Fang, Fergal Gaynor, Jennie Guy, Russell Hart, Léa lagasse, Tamarin Norwood, Leila Peacock, Alan Phelan and Frank Wasser.

Hospitals taking part in the project are Galway University Hospitals incorporating University Hospital Galway, Merlin Park University Hospital; Sligo Regional Hospital and Letterkenny General Hospital. For the duration of the festival the project will be advertised via posters within the participating hospitals.

How to See Clearly from a Distance is available to listen to online for the duration of Galway’s Tulca Festival of Visual Art, which runs throughout the city from 7 to 23 November 2014. For further information please contact Margaret Flannery, Arts Director, Galway University Hospital Arts Trust at 091 544979 or


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