The Talking Heads art exhibition will be the start of a year long public project exploring the importance of mental health. It will launch on Monday 19 January  at 2020 Art Gallery, Griffith House, North Mall, Cork at 6.30pm. The show will be officially opened by Cllr John Buttimer and a bursary prize will be awarded to one person on the night by Dr Gillian Moore Groarke. 

Artists featured in the exhibition are Conall Cary, Andru Fijalkowski, Janet Grainger, Catherine Green, Maeve Hickey, Jane McCormick, Jenny Monks, M.Moriarty, Mary O’Dea, Grace O’Leary, Damien O’Reilly and Geoff Spears. The exhibition will run from 19 January  – 20 February 2015. Gallery opening hours Tues – Fri 11am – 5pm and Sat 10am – 5pm.

The theme of the art exhibition is conversations on mental health, whether that’s the internal conversation you have with yourself or the conversation that occurs between individuals, groups, with psychology professionals or in society. The object of Talking Heads is to bring the topic into the social sphere and get people talking about their own mental health, their attitudes towards it and their feelings about how it should be addressed. We would like the artwork to reflect these ideas in some way.

The lecture series which will take place between April and November 2015 will be given by leaders in their fields of expertise and will cover topics such as the evolution of psychology over the 25 years; mindfulness, and stress management in every day life; how an attempted murder lead to severe and prolonged PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder); and the role of psychology within the legal system. All these lectures, as with the art exhibition, will be free and open to the public. A small selection of the artworks from the exhibition will be displayed at each of the lectures also.

The Talking Heads initiative is a collaboration between 2020 Art Gallery, Dr Gillian Moore- Groarke, Consultant Psychologist,  Cork and, who is celebrating 25 years in practice. It aims to bring the conversation on mental health out into the light of everyday life, giving people the opportunity to explore, learn and talk about mental health. Over the past 25 years Dr. Moore-Groarke has seen a more open attitude towards mental health issues develop and a more multidisciplinary approach evolve. Talking Heads is about exploring this further and keeping the conversation going. The project is sponsored, in chief, by Affordable Luxury Furniture Stores, Cork, Midleton & Waterford.

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