Belonging is an exhibition of paintings by Thérèse Healy-Kelly featuring depictions caught in the polarities of country and coast on view at Jennings Gallery, College of Medicine and Health, ativan, UCC. From the Galway trawlers and the bustling street scene back to the dog lying lazily at the end of the winding stairs all rendered in oil on canvas, Healy-Kelly’s work is full of expression and movement. It is real, yet abstract. She is an atmospheric painter and her work is reflective and autobiographical. Thérèse takes inspiration from artists like Una Sealy, Jenny Saville and the portrait work of Ewan Uglow, as well as the still lifes and limited palettes of Morandi and Brian Ballard.

Simplicity and self-acceptance are therefore the themes for this exhibition – her children’s favourite author is Dr. Suess and quoting him she says “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”. This level of self-acceptance allows one to believe that you need the courage to be authentic, vulnerable and imperfect. This exhibition has this realism and originality it reflects the artist’s life and conveys a brightness and happiness. Painting makes her feel happy and this is reflected in many of the works on display.

Healy-Kelly is a UCC graduate, living in Galway city and coming from rural North Cork, and is currently studying for a degree in Art and Design in GMIT. Thérèse is a featured artist in Paul and Aileen Finucane’s publication ‘Old Pier Union Hall’.

She exhibits in the Kenny Gallery, Galway and has been an invited artist to the Kanturk Arts Festival. She has been involved in many group exhibitions but ‘the Jennings Gallery’ is her first major solo exhibition.

The exhibition  runs until Friday 20 March 2015.


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