Image shown: +

‘+ an exhibition by Claire McCluskey is opening on Tuesday 16 June between  7 – 9 pm in deAppendix, Dublin. The exhibition continues until 16 July 2015.

As universally recognised icon, + is a symbol that carries many interpretations: addition, connection, accumulation, positivity, even spirituality. + carries strong associations for health and medicine and hence is appropriate within the peculiar setting of deAppendix. The medical centre is a keystone within any community. Personal wellbeing is a social denominator — a primal priority, irrespective of culture or class. + was created with collective wellbeing in mind, drawing upon ideas of individuals existing alongside the next, fundamentally equal and integrally connected within a greater social structure. The integrity of this overall form relies upon connections between each individual.
+ inosculates with the waiting room area of the Amaranta family practice, advocating the importance of taking care, both of ourselves and each other.

Claire McCluskey has a BA in Fine Art from DIT. She makes sculptures, drawings and large-scale temporary and, at times, intricate installations. Her practice explores the situation of individuality amongst collectivity and the resulting structural forms. Connection, repetition and collaboration often inform her work. Based in Dublin Claire is a member of the Good Hatchery, Co Offally.


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