Image shown: Rainbow/ Cumasú

When the sun starts to shine again through the rain clouds! Skibbereen Arts Festival presents Rainbow/ Cumasú with artist Toma McCullim. This is an ongoing festival event taking place every day from 24 July – 2 August at 11.00am in venues around Skibbereen.

Artist Toma McCullim invites you to ‘get on the bus’, the Cumasú wellness bus. She will be sharing creative ways to chase the blues away and enjoy growing your creativity. Grab your Granny, invite your pals, young and old come celebrate your creative self. Look out for the Cumasú bus and come on board!

The Cumasú or wellness bus aims to work in partnership with local communities in promoting mental well-being, recovery and hope through a wide range of community based and arts initiatives. For further information visit:


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