Image shown: Healing Hills F Lanuza

Foxford-based architect and visual artist Francis Lanuza has just completed his first Irish commission as an emerging artist, entitled Healing Hills.  Using his architectural skills, the artist has been able to create a work of art that enhances an otherwise blank and dull space, transforming it into a breathing space that uplifts both patients and staff in Regina House Community Nursing Unit in Kilrush, Co. Clare

The artwork, in acrylic, is a series of 12 x 76 x 61cm paintings that flow into each other, accentuating the hallway and ramp of the unit. The concept process was collaborative, ensuring that the HSE and management were involved in creating the look of the art. By focusing on a colour scheme of orange (cheering, energizing), yellow (improves depression), green (soothing), blue (antiseptic, stress-reduction), pink (health, grief-soothing) and purple (spirituality), the artwork maximizes the healing and uplifting power of colo  ur. The smooth curvilinear motif reflects the seas near Kilrush and the soft hills of Co. Clare; “bringing in” the landscapes of Clare to remind patients/users of the environment it is situated in while softening the look of the interior space. It also highlights how a healthy environment is essential for health & wellbeing.

With these in mind, the artwork not only enriches the architecture, but also complements Regina House’s purpose of inspiring a healing, spiritually caring and compassionate closure for people who are coming to the ends of their lives.


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