The Twilight Programme at St. Patrick’s University Hospital in Dublin has announced a series of cultural events for Mental Health Month in October 2015. This year the theme is storytelling… A Story to be Told – A Celebration of the Arts for Mental Health & Wellbeing.

The Twilight Programme is offering 31 sessions open to service users only, eight sessions/events open to service users, their family & friends and nine events open to the general public.

St Patrick’s will also be commemorating the 269th (some say 270th!) anniversary of the hospital, with a nod to founder Jonathan Swift – offering a Gulliver’s Travels Book Club for five weeks with Alice Coghlan, a screening of the play by Wonderland Theatre followed by a discussion panel, and two external Swift tours taking in the sights of Dublin.

Festivities kicked off on 30 September with a launch of an album of original songs written by service users called It Made YouCopies of the album will be available to purchase through the Information Centre at St Patrick’s Mental Health Services and through the Walk in My Shoes website.

The A Story to be Told brochure is available for download here. Hard copies are also available from the hospital itself.

Contact Paula or Sinead from the Twilight Programme for further information: or


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