An exhibition of paintings by artists Sioban O’Leary and Thorn (Corina Thornton) is on display in the Cork University Hospital Art Gallery until 31st October 2015. Sioban and Thorn formed West Cork Decorative Artists in 2014 and have created large-scale murals in West and East Cork. Both artists have worked in the area of arts for special needs for many years, and both have experience of long-term hospital stays. Their hope is that the exhibition in Cork University Hospital brings happiness, peace and inspiration to all who view it.

Sioban O’Leary was born in South Africa and has been living in Ireland since 1987. She has worked as a fine artist, specialist decorative artist, community arts facilitator and arts teacher for the last 24 years. After quite a few adventures and bumpy roads, she has finally settled on the beautiful Sheepshead in West Cork, where she raises her two children and steals away when she can to paint. Her work cannot be defined by one style or media; she has experimented over the years with various materials, but is always drawn back to oil paint and its luminous possibilities. Her aim is to lure the fragments of images and moments of light out onto the canvas in order to manifest a piece that is what it needs to be at one moment in time.


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