An exhibition of art based on comics by artist in residence with the Waterford Healing Arts Trust (WHAT) Marie-Jeanne Jacob in collaboration with local young people is set to be unveiled at University Hospital Waterford on 5 November 2015.

The Little Things exhibition will comprise two large interactive comic works by Marie-Jeanne Jacob which people are invited to draw on, a takeaway comic which tells the story of Marie-Jeanne’s six months as artist  in residence with WHAT and a number of comic works by seven young  people using the health services of UHW.

Marie-Jeanne has spent the last six months with a range of patients at University Hospital Waterford creating comic strips and mini matchbox gifts, which examine the little things that bring people joy and brighten one’s day. This project revolves around positive mental health and according to Marie-Jeanne, it has had a hugely positive impact at the hospital: ‘I have been creating this art with and for patients for the last six months. The opportunity to create some art has been incredibly well received with patients of all ages; it brings real joy at often very difficult times. The patients have learned also that you don’t need to be an artist or a writer to make comics – you just need to have a story …  And we all have stories.’

Marie-Jeanne Jacob is an artist who works a lot with comics. She has studied art in Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and Mexico, and recently completed a research masters in Art and Education at Concordia University, Montreal, which culminated in an illustrated thesis focused particularly on comic books as an educative medium, and mental health. She has presented her work with comics and mental health at the Graphic Medicine Conference in Brighton and Sussex medical school, and John Hopkins medical campus.

The Little Things will be on display from 5 November – 11 December 2015. The exhibition will be launched on 5 November at 5.30pm by theatre and film producer, Joan Dalton, in the foyer of UHW. Speeches and refreshments will follow in the Artist’s Studio in the WHAT Centre for Arts and Health in the grounds of UHW. The comics will be available from WHAT for €3 each.

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