All Kinds of Everything is the latest exhibition by participants on the arts programme at Unit 7 of Merlin Park University Hospital. Exhibiting artists are Eileen Craughwell,  Maureen Burke, Mary Coote, Christy Reid and Mary Small. 

The Unit 7 art programme was introduced in 2012 to enhance the experience of dialysis for patients. Art workshops take place during dialysis treatment and are designed around individual needs, interests and nursing priorities. Most participants have never made art before and often exceed their own expectations. Art workshops are currently available on Wednesdays and Thursdays with artist Marielle MacLeman.

‘They are the colours of my mind, the colours of my soul, the colours of my heart’, says Eileen Craughwell of her paintings. Her palette is dependant on how she is feeling on the day and her finished compositions rarely have the same outlook as their points of departure. Embracing the process of painting, Eileen takes her brush for a walk over her landscapes, putting decision making and worries aside to escape the dialysis unit and real life. Her whimsical approach to art making is reflected in titles that include All Kinds of Everything and Something Strange.

Honing her distinctive style since she started painting as part of the Unit 7 art programme in early 2014, the Irish landscape is frequently the starting point for creative explorations in colour and mark-making. Introducing summer to the bleakest of Connemara vistas, Eileen’s paintings are reminiscent of the Impressionists and Pointillists. This month, Unit 7 showcases selection of her work – from the cool palettes of bodies of water in the waiting room, to the visual assault of colour in the corridor – alongside those with a similar penchant for colour.

All Kinds of Everything is exhibited in association with Galway University Hospitals Arts Trust and the Irish Kidney Association.


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