Wexford Campus School of Art and Design (IT Carlow) continues its collaboration with Wexford General Hospital in an exhibition of Woodblock Prints by the first year honours degree students of Art and Visual Communications. These new works are displayed in the Link Corridor-Slaney Suite and Radiology at Wexford General Hospital. The exhibition launches at 1pm on 24 November 2015 and will continue for an extended period.

The collaboration between the Hospital and the Art School was initiated by the Community Development Department, Tusla Child & Family Agency Wexford.

The woodblock prints are made using an ancient process that involves carving the image out of wood. The artists used chisels, gouges and also electric power tools with plywood. The ink is then rolled onto the flat wood. Paper is laid over the wet ink and then pressed by hand to produce the print. The surface of wood gives a pattern that often can be seen in the print and is sometimes incorporated into the image, resulting in a varied textural finish.

We explored the connections between earth and the solar system, the microscopic and the macroscopic and ideas linking the individual to the cosmos. Our research brought us to look at Darwin’s theory of evolution, the ideas of Rudolf Steiner, and the philosopher Robert Fludd, who claimed that plants are connected to the stars. Our journey took us through an investigation of space travel, comets and meteorites to the properties of healing plants and their corresponding body parts from X rays to brain scans, acupuncture to nanoparticles.’

Exhibiting artists: Mark O’Reilly, Kevin Martin, Jimmy Leonard, Niall Whelan, Deirdre Travers, Meike Wald, Aoife Redmond, Niall Whelan, Amanda Fitzpatrick, Rebecca Chambers, Hanna Mari Bates, Simon Morris, Sheena Furlong, Jackie White, Anne Doherty, Chris Farrington, Andrew Kingshott, Dermot Nolan

For further information on the exhibition contact Edelle Nolan, Arts Co-ordinator at Wexford General Hospital Edelle.Nolan@hse.ie


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