The PhotoVoice Group Dublin is hosting an exhibition of their work,  Life – a reflection through the lens, at St. James’s Hospital in Dublin. The exhibition showcases the work of eleven people with respiratory conditions who attend the hospital. All of the exhibitors participated in a PhotoVoice project, where they learned how to use cameras and to tell their stories through the medium of photography. The exhibition launches in the North Corridor, Main Building, St. James’s Hospital on 2 December 2015 at 3.30pm. 

There are an estimated 310,000 people living with COPD in Ireland and many more with other respiratory illnesses including early TB. The PhotoVoice project was developed to give people with respiratory illness a voice and to create a space for patients to express, through images, their experience of living with these conditions. The participants hope the images will generate dialogue with healthcare professionals and the wider community about their lives and living with illness.

The photo project and exhibition involved a group of eleven patients who were attending St. James’s Hospital respiratory clinics, community and hospital respiratory nurses, staff from Trinity College Dublin’s School of Nursing and Midwifery and a community artist.

The project was funded by the Royal City of Dublin Hospital Trust and continues at St. James’s Hospital until 2 June 2016.

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Featured image: ‘The Stigma: haven’t you heard the “elder speak”: slow… staccato… three to four decibels louder than necessary? Well, the COPD version is similar though it’s silent, it regularly judges, it automatically excludes. The Shame of it: everyone agrees the disease is self-inflicted – should have known better – the tax payer foots the bill for reckless behaviour – will the stares increase when I roll out my portable oxygen trolley?‘ – Terri, 2014


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