Artist Denis Roche will present Open Window – Creating and Curating a ‘Virtual Window’ to Reduce Hospital Anxiety, Depression & Isolation on Wednesday, 13 January 2016 as part of Trinity College Dublin’s Medical Humanities & Health Initiative Seminar Series. The seminar will take place at 6pm in The Long Room Hub.

*Update: This lecture has been postponed. Please check back for further updates.*

Open Window, developed and curated by Denis Roche, forms part of the creative arts programme at Mercer’s Institute for Successful Ageing, St. James’s Hospital. An ongoing clinical research project into the influence of contemporary art in an acute care setting, Open Window is an interactive, over the web platform, designed specifically for the ‘care environment’. The concept, to enable the patient to remain connected with the outside world, is achieved by displaying a combination of clinically evaluated art and relevant patient-focused personal content as a ‘virtual window’ on the wall of the patient’s room. The window illustrates video art, art works and photography produced by national and international artists as well as images of significant places or family events submitted by family members over their mobile phone. Bespoke video feeds of nature complete the experience.

The Trinity College Dublin Medical and Health Humanities Initiative brings together researchers from a wide range of disciplines including history, philosophy, sociology, drama, health sciences, religion, cultural studies, arts, literature and languages. These events offer the opportunity to see medicine through the eyes of academics who are concerned with literary, historical, philosophical, aesthetic and technological perspectives of health, illness, disability and practice.

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