Generations of Still Motion,  the first solo exhibition by Jennifer Reynolds, is on show in the Postroom Corridor of University Hospital Waterford (UHW) from 8 February to 11 March 2016. Jennifer was the recipient of the Waterford Healing Arts Trust’s Arts and Health Award in 2015, resulting in this exhibition which explores the theme of genetics. 

Jennifer Reynolds is a visual artist whose work is influenced by animation and the process of digital layering. A recent honours graduate of the Waterford Institute of Technology’s (WIT) Visual Art course, she has showcased her work in exhibitions including Garter Lane’s First View (2015) and WIT’s Art & Design degree show (2015). She is currently completing a Fine Art with Animation Studies course in the Ormonde College of Further Education and hopes to begin a Masters course in September. Her work has been inspired by Etienne-Jules Marley’s chronophotography, Charles-Émile Reynaud’s animation devices and Nerhol artists’ time-lapse portraiture.

For this exhibition, Jennifer explored the theme of genetics through the investigation of various photographic techniques and the production of her praxinoscope, a kinetic device which animates still photos when spun. Jennifer uses the praxinoscope to demonstrate the movement of genes through different generations, showing how genetics can be visually captured in a single frame and how the similarities of her family’s faces can be identified in that image.

The exhibition comprises a series of wall-based pieces and a one-day event in the foyer of UHW on Friday 4 March where Jennifer will showcase her praxinoscope device.

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