Barnstorm Theatre Company takes its award-winning production of Monday’s Child on tour from 20 February 2016, taking in 12 venues in 11 counties. Monday’s Child tells the story of the unique bond between a little girl and an older woman suffering memory loss. The play, aimed at children aged four years and over, was developed with input from neuroscientists at the University of Sussex, and the Alzheimer’s Society.  

At opposite ends of the life cycle, the girl is building her vocabulary while the older woman appears to be losing hers. The use of made-up words makes sense to them both; a clock is a ‘time-ticker’, binoculars are ‘faraways’ and when determining what day it is, the girl confidently informs the older woman that ‘It’s today!’

It came from a director whose mother-in-law has Alzheimer’s and she was interested in the relationship between her mother and her children. So we started to look at the idea of memory and the relationship between different generations.’ – Writer Brendan Murray

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