An Arts and Dementia seminar will take place on 29 April from 12-4pm in The Chapel, King Alfred Campus, University of Winchester, UK and is hosted by the Centre for Arts as Wellbeing at the University of Winchester (as part of Research and Engagement Week 2016), in partnership with the University of Southampton.

Join the conversation between neuroscientists researching the effects of dementia on the brain with artists working to improve the quality of life for those with dementia.

Performers and researchers from the Centre for the Arts as Wellbeing at the University of Winchester have been exploring the effects of interventions for those with dementia, in hospitals and the community through a variety of art forms including music and poetry. Interventions that increase the activity of the brain, and therefore increase the blood flow to the diseased areas, are effective for patients and provide a supportive activity for carers.

Join neuroscientists, performers and researchers as they showcase the integration of biomedical and artistic data and processes. The seminar hopes to trigger new avenues of research for artistic and scientific interventions in dementia.

To book

Early bird (before 31 March): £35
Standard Cost: £45

Buffet lunch and refreshments included.
For more information see here. 


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