Image shown: Willfredd CARE

WillFredd Theatre presents CARE in glór, Ennis in association with Cahercalla Community Hospice, Ennis on Thursday 5 May at 8pm. Tickets €20/€18 Concession. In 2013 WillFredd Theatre developed the theatre show CARE with various Irish Hospice Staff. The production was created in response to interactions they personally had with Hospices in Ireland. CARE explores different aspects of the day-to-day life of Hospice Staff, presented through the form of live music, verbatim text and dance. CARE is a show about the people who add life to days, if not days to life.

Hospice Visits: As part of the Bealtaine Festival, WillFredd are visiting local Hospices to interact with their staff and to present low-tech segments of CARE to the staff and hear their thoughts, feedback and questions about what we do and how we make work.

WillFredd will be visting the following: St. Francis Hospice (Dublin), Marymount Hospice (Cork), Cahercalla Hospice (Ennis) and Galway Hospice (Galway). Through ethical encounters between artists and communities of place, space and interest, WillFredd Theatre develop work which responds to and represents elements of these communities.

This event is funded by Age and Opportunity BEALTAINE 2016 and VOLTage/Clare County of Culture 2016.


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