Image shown: Annunciation Lilies

Revelation is a limited edition of twenty nine specially commissioned prints created by members of Graphic Studio Dublin and invited artists on long-term display in the new Oncology Ward of St. Luke’s General Hospital Carlow/Kilkenny. The prints are from a collaboration between the National Gallery of Ireland & Graphic Studio Dublin and the collection is on long term loan by Dr. Abdul Bulbulia to the hospital. The exhibition will launch at 4.00pm on Thursday 21 July 2016, in the Oncology Day Ward at St. Luke’s General Hospital, Kilkenny (SLGHK). 

This important collection was first shown at an exhibition in the National Gallery of Ireland which ran from April to September 2008. The concept for the exhibition dates back to 2005 when Graphic Studio Dublin (GSD) approached the National Gallery of Ireland with an idea for an exhibition of prints. Revelation was chosen as the theme for the show. In dealing with the profound concept of revelation –‘to make known something hidden’ – many of the artists and printmakers chose to embrace religious concepts of revelation, whilst others focused on the philosophical, scientific or secular dimensions of the topic. For many of the participating artists, the Gallery’s collection has been the source of inspiration for their creations.

Of the twenty nine artists involved, eighteen are printmakers who devised and executed the work themselves. Expert printmakers from GSD, Robert Russell and Tom Phelan, assisted non-print artists to translate their ideas into print form. The prints in the show feature a variety of techniques from mezzotint to carborundum, and from etching to collography.

Anne Hodge, curator of Revelation, and Prints and Drawings at the National Gallery of Ireland will launch the exhibition and says that the response to the idea has been wonderful: “Part of my job was to facilitate artists by providing access to the Gallery’s collection. Some artists found this helpful while others preferred to spend time with the paintings without outside interpretation or explanation.”

Among the artists featured in the exhibition are: Pamela Leonard, Cliona Doyle, Brian Lalor, Yoko Akino, Stephen Lawlor, Robert Russell, Clare Henderson, Tim Goulding, Jean Bardon, Tom Phelan, Lina Nordenström, Terence Gravett, Yoko Hara, Nickie Hayden, Sharon Lee, Maev Leneghan, Siobhan Hyde, Kelvin Mann, William Crozier HRHA, Guggi, John Kindness, Carmel Benson, Mary Lohan, Maeve McCarthy RHA, Martin Gale RHA, Donald Teskey, Seán McSweeney HRHA, Nigel Rolfe and Marta Wakula-Mac.

Mark Patrick Hederman who opened the exhibition at the National Gallery of Ireland said; “Art as Revelation is a truth which has not been seen before which is only reaching towards some delineation, edging its way forward in search of form. Such art not only heralds a ‘brave new world’, it helps to create such a world.”

“We are delighted to have been chosen as the location for the display of such an acclaimed collection of art,” said Anne Slattery, General Manager, St. Luke’s General Hospital Carlow-Kilkenny. “The patients and staff using the Oncology Day Ward will benefit greatly from this exhibition. We are grateful to the donor for his foresight in identifying the Oncology Unit as a location for this collection, which will enhance the patient experience.”

Edelle Nolan the Arts Officer explains that, “Ambulatory oncology care at SLGHK, is the first of its kind in Ireland, it is set up as a new model of care, and is entirely a day service oncology ward, the ethos being, that patients can get swift treatment, and spend as little time as possible in hospital during their cancer treatment. This is in line with current best practice, as the patient would have less exposure to hospital borne illnesses and also they would feel less like a patient needing hospital treatment and spend quality time at home with their families. Also with no need for overnight accommodation for ongoing oncology care, the savings gained can be spent on treating the patients, rather than providing accommodation, especially as patients, prefer to stay at home as much as possible, where there is less disruption to daily life for families & friends. While the patient is in hospital, we seek to create a pleasant environment using these beautiful fine art limited edition prints, in the treatment bays and in the corridor or the Oncology Ward. We are very grateful and fortunate to have received this wonderful long term donation.”

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