Image shown: Phantom Limb exhibition

Phantom Limb is an interactive exhibition focusing on medicine, memory and the treatment process on view at the University of Liverpool Victoria Gallery and Museum from 9 July to 3 December 2016. It features as part of the Liverpool Biennial 2016 Fringe. It features around twenty works by nine artists, most of whom work from their own personal experiences of operations and illnesses.

The exhibition is a partnership project between award-winning artist, Euan Gray, and Dr Daniel Whistler, from Liverpool University’s Centre for Health, Arts and Science.

The exhibition highlights medicine and the psychological impact of the treatment process. In particular, it explores how memory physically and mentally affects illness, how pain impacts on memory and cognitive functioning and how memory impacts on pain physically (e.g. phantom pain) and mentally through trauma. It also considers the effect memory has on mental illness.


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