Marie O’Connor, author, health correspondent and Chairperson of the Survivors of Symphysiotomy (SoS) group, will give a lunch time talk on the practice of symphysiotomy in Science Gallery Dublin, Pearse St, Dublin on Wednesday 18 January from 1 -2pm. The talk will be followed by a new performance work from Mairead Delaney, who has worked extensively with the SoS group. 

Marie will discuss aspects around the outright violence perpetrated on unconsenting subjects of the symphysiotomy experiment, as well as the insidious violence inflicted during the SoS group’s ongoing campaign for justice.

The talk and performance will be given in the wider context of Design and Violence, Science Gallery Dublin’s current exhibition, run in Partnership with MOMA New York. The practice of pubiotomy (a variant of symphysiotomy) is represented by a Gigli Saw in the Design and Violence exhibition.

The lunchtime talk is curated by John Conway and is free to attend.

Phone: + 353 1 896 4095



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