SICK! Festival will take place in Manchester and Brighton from 8-25 March 2017. The festival brings together an international arts programme with perspectives from academic research, clinical practitioners, public health professionals, charities and those with lived experience of physical, mental and social challenges. 

The Brighton programme (20-25 March) includes the participatory art project Before I die by Candy Chang (TW/US) which invites people to contemplate death, reflect on life, and share their personal aspirations in public; There is a Light: BRIGHTLIGHT by Contact Young Company (UK) presenting young patients’ perspectives on specialist cancer care in England; and the panel discussion ‘On the Couch: Painful Narratives’ which asks what opportunities and limitations narrative offers in dealing with traumatic experiences for individuals, artists and clinicians.

The larger Manchester programme (8-25 March) also includes Happy Cloud by Stuart Semple (UK), a public artwork flooding the skyline with thousands of smiley faced clouds questioning our ideas of happiness, and a series of discussions exploring illness and identity, human consciousness, belonging, and fractured identities as part of the ‘On the Couch’ series.


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