Image shown: Gráinne Hope. Courtesy of Kids' Classics.

Musical Memories in partnership with the Royal Irish Academy of Music present ‘Celebrating Music & Health Practice As We Age’ on Thursday, 11 May 2017.  This seminar will be of particular interest and benefit to musicians, music students, arts coordinators and healthcare staff. 

Hear the exceptional stories of qualified hospital musicians Grainne Hope (cellist) and Liam Merriman (singer / guitarist) who have taken their music off the concert stage and into these highly sensitive and often challenging environments. They will present a short interactive seminar outlining the realities of their effective delivery of live music workshops nationally over the last eight years.

Special guest speaker on the night will be Anne Woodworth, Professor of Music. Anne is a renowned advocate of music and health practice and of the benefits of participation in music and song as we age. She will share some of her experiences and knowledge of music and its ability to bring joy, connectivity and a boost to our feelings of wellbeing.

Venue: Recital Room, Royal Irish Academy, Westland Row
Time: 6pm-8pm

About Musical Memories
Musical Memories is an interactive programme by Kids’ Classics that has enabled professionally trained musicians to extend their practice to include musical interventions in nursing homes, and healthcare settings through funding partnerships. Its success is built on a number of key factors including training in the sensitivities of working in the hospital and healthcare sector and in building relationships with local hospital management and staff.

The month of May belongs to the Bealtaine festival which celebrates creativity as we age. The Musical Memories team will facilitate more than a dozen music sessions in geriatric and community settings across Meath and Louth in the coming weeks. Throughout the year they also bring their professional practice into Stroke Units, Geriatric Wards and Alzheimer’s / Dementia settings in hospitals around the country.

This event is free and attendees can register via Eventbrite:


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