Under the Per Cent for Art Scheme, UL Hospitals and HSE Estates wish to invite submissions and commission original artwork pieces with the primary aim of enhancing the care environment of persons and also the general environment for the staff that care for them and indeed the general built environment for all visitors and users of the new Emergency Department at University Hospital Limerick. Deadline for applications is Wednesday 21 June at 4pm.

We would like to promote a welcoming, calm, cheerful, caring, healing and embracing environment with elements that are recognisable and comforting and duly appropriate to the nature of the building and the locality.

Existing and completed artworks may also be considered if it fits with the project requirements as outlined in the brief.

Total budget: €64,000 (inclusive of VAT)

The Art Committee reserves the right to select more than one project, from more than one artist, if it comes within the maximum budget of €64,000 inclusive of all costs, expenses, VAT and other charges necessary for completion of the project.

Applicants are requested to read the full content of the artists brief document carefully as it contains important information pertaining to all stages of the commission and a tender application form: Per Cent for Art Brief for Emergency Dept

Site Visit:
Site visits are considered necessary. The deadline for when we can facilitate site visits before the new Emergency Department opens is Friday 26 May. Site visits can be arranged by contacting Zita Pearce zita.pearce@hse.ie or 086-0498697.

Applications should include:

  • Completed Tender Form (attached in brief)
  • CV (maximum 3 pages)
  • Examples of previous work in the form of photographs or digital images (maximum 10 images)
  • A project proposal outlining ideas and concepts for the project, budget, timeline, visual representation (full details in brief)

Submissions should be clearly marked EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT PER CENT FOR ART SCHEME. Submissions must be made in hardcopy and delivered to:

Zita Pearce,
Project Manager,
HSE Estates,
Holland Road,
National Technology Park,

Selection Panel:
The Project Arts Committee selection panel will include an artist and representatives from HSE Estates Department and University Hospital Limerick.

Stage 2 Shortlist:
Should the selection panel decide it necessary, this can be a two stage commission process. Those selected shall constitute a shortlist of artists. As we have a number of proposed locations for artwork, we do not at this stage, want to limit the number of artists that may be shortlisted. The shortlisted artists shall be contacted and we will notify them at that stage of how many artists have been shortlisted.

If it is deemed necessary, and only so as to provide further information to the Committee, some of the shortlisted artists may be asked to develop their proposal further. A maximum fee of €300 to cover all costs, will be offered to these shortlisted artists to assist with their prototype development.

Queries by email to: zita.pearce@hse.ie


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