Image shown: E.gress reading & reflection room at IMMA produced by Marie Brett as part of a national exhibition tour. Photo: Nic Piper.

‘No it’s not me…that’s not me…’, an article by Helen O’Donoghue of the Irish Museum of Modern Art and artist Marie Brett, has been published in Engage, the international journal of visual art and gallery education. The latest issue (engage 39) is dedicated to Visual Arts and Wellbeing. 

The article reflects on E.gress, a film exploring the twilight world of dementia, which was created following a collaboration with the Alzheimer Society of Ireland. The experience of artist and curator, the partnerships that enabled the creation of the film, the national tour and the findings of its ongoing mediation are discussed.

The article, images and film gives us a powerful example of how the visual arts can communicate difficult and challenging ideas, in open ended ways that can speak to many different people. O’Donoghue particularly interrogates and advocates the role of the gallery or museum educator. They mediate the work and the artist, and this can be crucial to the experience of the viewer or exhibition visitor, especially where sensitive and emotional issues are being raised.’ – Barbara Dougan, Editor, engage 39

Helen O’ Donoghue has been Senior Curator, Head of Engagement & Learning Programmes, at the Irish Museum of Modern Art since 1991. Marie Brett is an award-winning visual artist based in Ireland. Her practice spans practical, theoretical and more recently curatorial research focused within an art/life relation to aesthetics, ethics and meaning within dialogues of crisis, loss and human suffering.

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